Recruitment Consulting

Our Processes

Where modern advisory programs & recruitment strategies come together.

We work with companies who want to expand, develop, and improve their talent acquisition tactics. Work with our diverse team of innovators, integrators, and digital nerds that thrive on complex recruitment-based initiatives.

Goals & Values

Establishing your business goals is the first step to developing a talent strategy that will work for you and your needs.

Talent Assessment

We’ll audit your existing talent acquisition processes, including recruitment marketing, to help you attract the talent needed to take your business to the next level.

Ongoing Support

Want to outsource your entire talent strategy? Count us in! Our team will manage and strategize all marketing operations.

Recruitment Consulting
Why choose us

We specialize in talent advisory solutions that help you reach talent acquisition goals.

  • Increase Your Pipeline Through Diversified Advertising
  • Boost Audience Engagement
  • Creation and Analysis of New and Existing Content
  • Elevate Your Employee Brand and Messaging
  • Optimize Your Digital Ecosystem
  • Boost the Reach and Attendance of Your Events
Results by the numbers

People are the keys to business success.

People are what drive a business forward. Whether it’s the people who work for your brand or the people who are customers of your brand, achieving your business goals is reliant on, well – them.

Our marketing consultants are specialized in strategy, auditing, and analytics. We provide a highly expert vision that helps our partners prevent marketing mistakes and guides them toward future marketing success without the need for experiential journeys.

  • 68% reduced cost per hire
  • 59% increase in candidates
  • 119% boost in site visits YOY
  • 228K annual site visits
What our clients say

How we’ve helped companies like yours recruit better.

48% Traffic Increase!

“Hueman has been able to truly understand what our customers want from us. We had a 48% increase in traffic and 140% increase in business after relaunching our website and branding with Hueman.”

Tra W.

Strong Relationship!

“Our company has enjoyed a strong and productive recruiting relationship with Hueman for the past several years. Hueman has kept pace with our company growth plans and, in particular, has helped staff a variety of our school-based programs.”

Susan G.
CCC-SLP Executive Vice President